18. Learning Without Schooling

The Essential School Sucks, #18 of 50
Theme Two: Leaving Institutional Schooling and Finding Educational Alternatives
Today, an Essential School Sucks compilation of two conversations with natural learning legends: Sandra Dodd and Pam Laricchia.
PART ONE: Sandra Dodd is a world-renown unschooling and natural learning advocate, and the mother of three adult unschooled children. Her website SandraDodd.com is one of the most comprehensive unschooling resources on the internet. She joins me for a fast-paced but fairly comprehensive discussion on unschooling and choice and her unschooling experiences, influences and philosophy.
Unschoolers and Reading
Sandra share the stories of her three children learning to read, and how there might not always be clear incremental steps.
A Mindset For Unschooling
"read a little, try a little, wait a while, watch" - patience
what are we watching for?
addressing problems a discomforts
appreciation of choice and projecting optimism
power-with, instead of power-over relationships, partnership
beware of blindly "supportive" unschooling communities
Full Show With Sandra: Sandra Dodd – On Unschooling and Choice [PODCAST #585] (https://schoolsucksproject.com/sandra-dodd-on-unschooling-and-choice-po…)
PART TWO: Pam Laricchia is the creator of the blog livingjoyfully.ca - an amazing, well-organized resource for people exploring how to live and learn without school. She is also the author of several books on unschooling, including The Unschooling Journey: A Field Guide. Pam began unschooling with her three children back in 2002 and she has continued her enthusiastic exploration through blogging, podcasting and presenting at conferences.
What are the important foundations of unschooling?
Making the Transition to Unschooling - rule dropping vs. rule relaxing
How to nurture Curiosity, Being Open to Our Child's Wonder
How to foster an engaged mind, main three characteristics of real and effective learning (from the article Curious and Engaged)
Pam's 3 Characteristics of Real and Effective Learning
engagement: exploring and playing with an idea, topic, or skill
motivation: staying engaged in their exploration, even through challenges
thinking: creativity and analysis, and is key to the bigger picture understanding of how the idea, topic, or skill fits into their world
the process of deschooling
How to develop and maintain the patience and proper mindset for unschooling
Mediating conflicting needs, between parent and child/children
Plus A Listener question - Thanks Jahaira!
"The main idea that comes to mind is the topic of TRUST. As a parent, you want your children to have everything they need to thrive, and it's scary to leave it to "chance". It's scary to fully TRUST that they will learn what they need to learn of their own volition and of their own desire..."
Full Show With Pam: The Relationship Benefits of Unschooling – With Pam Laricchia [PODCAST #557] (https://schoolsucksproject.com/the-relationship-benefits-of-unschooling…)
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Both Shows Originally Released in 2018