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O my people, what have I done to you? How have I hurt you? Answer me. 

I led you out of Egypt. 
From slavery I set you free.

I brought you into a land of promise; You have prepared a cross for me.  I led you as a shepherd;
I brought you safely through the sea; Fed you manna in the...
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The Vatican and the media blame the Romans, but the documentary record states otherwise:

The Sanhedrin condemned Jesus Christ to death

Research by Michael Hoffman

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Forbidden Facts Banned by the Corporate Media
Poison Gas:  Winston Churchill’s Weapon of Choice
By Garikai Chengu, Counterpunch, January 25, 2016 “During the Kurdish rebellion against British dictatorship in 1920, Churchill remarked that he simply did not understand the ‘...
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When Trump overthrows Assad in Syria this will be the future for Syria’s churches and Christians  ______________________________________
Syria’s Christians look to Bashar al-Assad as their protector. They protest Trump’s attack ______________________________________

From Margaret...

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Jesus shattered a pagan template of violence and revenge against those who harm us. By doing so He overcame all of His enemies. Herod’s military might, his political dynasty and that of the Roman emperors and their vast armies, have all vanished. They were swept away by a young man who...
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[Excerpted from an essay by Linh Dinh] A progressive American is mostly a jerked puppet who’s outraged solely at preselected triggers. At his Deir Yassin Remembered website, lifelong Ann Arbor, Michigan resident Henry Herskovitz explains:
Jackie Robinson and Jewish Power Emotions...
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Disraeli's stratagem of misdirection As an inducement to readers of this column to subscribe to our printed Revisionist History newsletter, with its exclusive subscriber content, we are publishing this excerpt from a recent issue (thanks to Henry Makow for reminding us of its relevance and...
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A partial list of books banned by Amazon in the first week of March 2017

Editor’s Note: Every hateful Zionist book targeting Palestinians with hate speech and violence continues to be sold by Amazon, along with Simcha Jacobvici’s DVD The Lost Tomb of Jesus, denying the resurrection of Christ,...

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By Michael Hoffman 
Today Amazon, the huge, Seattle-based online book distributor, has removed from sale “dangerous” books authored by Dr. Arthur R. Butz of Northwestern University, Carlo Mattogno of Italy, and other eminent dissident scholars who dare to ask scientific and...
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This screengrab from the Progressive Insurance TV commercial titled “Theory” (probably short for “Conspiracy Theory”), was nationally broadcast over the weekend of Feb. 25-26, 2017. The commercial mocks two conservatively dressed men who are shown analyzing TV ads for evidence of subliminal...
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To the Editor of the New York Times
Michael Gordon, your fake news reporter who lied America into invading Iraq, has written a report (“John McCain Becomes Critic in Chief of the Trump Administration," Feb. 20, 2017, NY Times online) about John McCain’s criticism of President Trump, while...
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72nd anniversary of the slaughter-bombing of the city of Dresden
By Michael Hoffman In the aftermath of the bombing of Dresden, Germany, 1945 Today, Feb. 14, is the 72nd anniversary of the Allied Aschermittwoch (“Ash Wednesday”) slaughter-bombing holocaust...
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Progress Report on the book:    "The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome" By Michael Hoffman You’ve heard the old joke, “I’ve got good news and bad news," the jet pilot tells the passengers. “The bad news is, we're lost. The good news is, we're making good time." I’ve...
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Martin Luther King: The Cryptocracy’s  Weapon Against Black and White America By Michael Hoffman ©2017 Why has Martin Luther King been made synonymous with Black American advancement? Mr. King destroyed the right of every American (Black and White) to choose who they...
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Updated: January 8, 2017 Michael Hoffman’s Truth Mission News Digest • Neglected history of why the U.S. "intelligence community" cannot be trusted  •A horse laugh at the expense of the hoaxers • From liberated Aleppo — Syrian-Armenian Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas in peace and...
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Untangling the Ecclesiastical Operations of the Occult By Michael Hoffman Today is the feast of St. Stephen on the liturgical calendar, commemorating the first martyr of the Church founded by Jesus Christ. Why did that Church of Jesus place the anniversary of a martyr’s...
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by Michael Hoffman "Facebook says it is testing technology so that a story shared on its site that is flagged by users, among unknown other indicators, will be checked out by the Associated Press, ABC News, PolitiFact or others. If these high priests declare a story...
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US Senate’s Orwellian “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” criminalizing campus criticism of Israeli crimes, dies in the House of Representatives By Michael Hoffman __________________________________________________
ALERT Donations or the purchase of our publications and/or CDs/DVDs are ...
Revisionist Review - 2016-12-08 - Original post - cached version
Text of the "Anti-Semitism Awareness Act" Passed by the U.S. Senate Introduction As a follow-up to our December 7 report, we are here reproducing the actual text of the bill (S. 10) passed by the US Senate, the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act.” It appears here precisely as published in the...
Revisionist Review - 2016-12-07 - Original post - cached version
Contents 1. The gradual erosion of the First Amendment: The U.S. Senate has passed the "Anti-Semitism Awareness Act,” by Michael Hoffman 2. Fake News Versus No News How Russia is pilloried while real news about Israel goes unreported, by Philip Giraldi __________________________ The gradual...
Revisionist Review - 2016-12-06 - Original post - cached version
By Michael Hoffman This is the season of joy and this writer is more hopeful about the future than many of my colleagues in the revisionist world. Yet, when I  meditate on our shortcomings dark clouds can gather. One of these is our amnesia about our own recent history...
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Situation ethics from Leo X to Pope Francis With interest rates too low, usury-loving Catholic nuns turn to the market
Like the Vatican Bank and 21st century Catholics generally, these nuns in the news report that follows have no moral qualms about despising low interest rates and seeking an...
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On December 19 Hillary Clinton can be elected President
The real threat to Trump comes from the vote in the Electoral College December 19, not from recounts. Electors are free to vote for Hillary, even if Trump won the state. Media continue to pressure members of the Electoral College to...
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Wake someone up this Christmas  Truth makes a great gift!  The following is a catalogue of revisionist history publications and recordings offered by our Truth Mission to customers residing in the USA   [Canadian and foreign residents can browse online here]
Look over these fascinating...
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We’re Moving Ahead!
"Great Holocaust Trial" book published in French translation    Just arrived from Europe: the new French edition of my book, The Great Holocaust Trial — Le Grand Procés de L’Holocauste Sub-title: “The Extraordinary Adventure of Ernst Zündel.”   Ernst promised to make...
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Donald Trump’s Victory: Hope for America
What Went Wrong for the Cryptocracy By Michael Hoffman At our family’s Sunday dinner, after we say grace and before we dig in to the repast, we ask each one at our table, “What are you grateful for?” In our home we try to...
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Trump for President 1. From Fr. George Rutler 2. From the Editor 1. From Rev. Fr. George Rutler, with a few comments from your editor interspersed in boldface: ...Our federal government has intimidated religious orders and churches, challenging religious freedom. The institution of the family...
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“Denial” movie contra David Irving backfires

By Michael Hoffman

This weekend we managed to see Hollywood's “Denial” movie about David Irving’s libel suit in British court against American Prof.  Deborah Lipstadt. Our full review will appear in the November...

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Pope Leo X: Occult Father of Luther’s movement  A commentary on Roberto de Mattei’s, “To Which Church does Pope Bergoglio belong?”  ________________________________________________

To which Church does Pope Bergoglio belong? 

By Roberto de Mattei   Corrispondenza Romana (Italian...
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Latest news on David Irving and Lipstadt By Michael Hoffman We have not had a great deal of extra time of late, hence, the dearth of these "On the Contrary" columns. Your editor has been laboring assiduously on completing “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome,” now...
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Update: The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome Progress and Perils By Michael Hoffman By the grace of God we are about two-thirds of the way though the writing of our forthcoming book, “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome.” The skullduggery we are discovering is more grievous than we had...
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October 7, 2016 is the 167th anniversary of the death of anti-masonic author Edgar A. Poe (he didn’t like to be called "Edgar Allan;” he had contempt for his foster-father John Allan and signed himself Edgar A. — not Edgar Allan). 

Eddy probably died from a blow to the head...

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Shimon Peres and the Massacre of Palestinians at Tel al-Zaatar  By Michael Hoffman

"As prime minister, Peres oversaw the 1996 Israeli shelling of a UN shelter in Qana in Lebanon, which killed more than a hundred refugees. And as president a decade later, he...
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I’ll be on the radio this Saturday speaking about "They Were White and They Were Slaves,” i.e. the enslavement of white people in Early America (most whites in bondage in the 17th century were not "indentured servants”).
Here are the details:
Michael Hoffman on WRLA...
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Read chapters from Michael Hoffman’s revisionist history books free of charge Thanks to donations from generous benefactors we are gradually converting all of our books to the Amazon “Kindle” digital book format, which allows people throughout the world to read the first chapter of our volumes...
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David Hare on writing nothing but the truth about a Holocaust denier  The Guardian newspaper (UK) • Sept. 3, 2016 By David Hare In 2000 historian David Irving sued author Deborah Lipstadt...
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Israeli legislator vandalizes the New Testament and calls it “garbage” (see below)

Knesset = Israeli parliament • MK = Member of the Knesset _______________________________ New Testament sent to MKs mailboxes
MK (Member of the Knesset) Michael Ben-Ari (National Union...
Revisionist Review - 2016-08-31 - Original post - cached version
Asking Deborah Lipstadt to prevent censorship of YouTube video about her labeling David Irving “Amalek”
Copy of  e-mail to Prof. Lipstadt

Deborah Lipstadt  Emory College Department of Religion  31 August 2016 In the near future we will be placing on YouTube a video of my...
Revisionist Review - 2016-08-29 - Original post - cached version
Lipstadt-Irving "Denial” movie:  Caught in a lie 


For Further Research:

Read more at:

Hollywood’s Revenge on David Irving...

Revisionist Review - 2016-08-23 - Original post - cached version
On Swedish TV in English 

Michael Hoffman is interviewed about the new movie “Denial,” a fictionalized account of  historian David Irving's 2000 libel trial against "Holocaust denial" inquisitor Deborah Lipstadt ________________ For Further Research: The Great Holocaust Trial


Revisionist Review - 2016-08-15 - Original post - cached version
Hollywood’s Revenge on Dissident Historian David Irving By Michael Hoffman THIS COLUMN HAS BEEN GREATLY EXPANDED AND PUBLISHED AS THE COVER REPORT OF REVISIONIST HISTORY NEWSLETTER. DETAILS HERE ___________________________________

For Further Research:...

Revisionist Review - 2016-08-11 - Original post - cached version
The Secret History of the Protestant Reformation
A Revolt Against Papal-Fugger Usury  and Catholic Nominalism
Michael Hoffman “The heathen were able, by the light of reason, to conclude that a usurer is a double-dyed thief and murderer. We Christians,...
Revisionist Review - 2016-08-10 - Original post - cached version
The Hoffman Archive of the 2006 Israeli Holocaust in Lebanon  Compiled by historian Michael Hoffman A treasure trove of data made available as a public service The Israeli invasion of Lebanon has killed more than 900 people and wounded 3,000, with a third of the...
Revisionist Review - 2016-07-27 - Original post - cached version
Exploring the Zionist-(Salafist)-Muslim Alliance

By Michael Hoffman As Salafist/Wahhabist Saudi theology proceeds to commissar the Sunnis by means of ISIS recruitment, and while their Muslim victims among the Shiites are marginalized, Israeli Zionism and Orthodox...
Revisionist Review - 2016-07-22 - Original post - cached version
The following may seem like an inconsequential drop in the sea of media deception that deluges us. Nonetheless, when we have the enemy dead to rights it’s incumbent upon us to hammer them and weaken their fortress of feigned credibility. Every shot counts. In this case, we observe the...
Revisionist Review - 2016-07-16 - Original post - cached version

The use of the Revelation of the Method for inducing compliance and docility in subject populations Who is actually behind global terrorism? The terrorists themselves reveal it. This is a 14 second video of a room where a movie is playing on a TV set. On the TV set the 007 character in...
Revisionist Review - 2016-07-08 - Original post - cached version
Obama’s Rush to Judgement and Identity Politics Contributed to their Deaths
By Michael Hoffman Shortly before several Dallas police officers were killed by a sniper (or snipers) on July 7, President Obama spoke at a NATO summit in Poland and immediately rushed to...
Revisionist Review - 2016-06-25 - Original post - cached version
Judaic man who claimed he escaped Auschwitz admits he lied to keep the memory of the “Holocaust” alive
“Holocaust Survivor” Joseph Hirt giving a speech
"According to [Joseph Hirt's nephew] Michael Hirt, his uncle was born in Horodenka, Poland, on July 10, 1930, to Jewish parents...
Revisionist Review - 2016-06-24 - Original post - cached version
Britain’s Bulldog Breed Takes a Bite Out of the New World Order

The British have voted for national sovereignty and independence and against the Money Power and the EU's Tower of Babel. Thank God! By Michael Hoffman  ©2016

Listen to an audio version of...

Revisionist Review - 2016-06-13 - Original post - cached version
The Massacre in Orlando  By Michael Hoffman Orlando terrorist Omar Mir Seddique Mateen was licensed by the state of Florida to carry firearms. His rifle may even have been part of his job. Since 2007 he has been employed by G4S Secure Solutions, a “global” security firm...


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