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Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-26 - Original post - cached version

I don't know what if anything will come of this report..
Personally speaking I'm expecting that this news to be hyped this week coming. 
But always hope to be mistaken.  
We're heading into March. They're is Full Moon madness potential on the 1st of March. 
That Moon being...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-25 - Original post - cached version

It's from an unnamed source- Which is problematic. 
However, if true, it's timely and could indicate that there is a wider agreement to push the USrael backed Kurdish militias east of the Euphrates.. A situation I've long believed and have stated here at the blog, could be tolerated by all...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-25 - Original post - cached version


UN, February 24. /TASS/. During negotiations on a UN Security Council resolution on ceasefire in Syria, Russia sought to prevent the document from becoming a pretext for military action in Syria, Russia’s UN envoy, Vasily Nebenzya, said on Saturday....
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-24 - Original post - cached version

Regarding Ghouta. 
I haven't covered it because it feels exactly like a replay of Aleppo, Syria. 
Which was covered extensively here. I'm following Afrin much more closely.

Without further adieu.
UN Delays Vote on 30 day Syrian Ceasefire

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-23 - Original post - cached version
From yesterday:  Chaos, Syria.

Massive Psychosis set to continue at the UN-

Globe & Mail

A new wave of bombs struck Syria's eastern Ghouta district unabated on Friday, witnesses said, ahead of a U.N. Security Council vote to demand a 30-day...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-23 - Original post - cached version

Events in Syria are so heavily muddied, by hyperbole and complete disinfo, it's been two or three of the most media crazy days I've noticed since 2011. When I began following the destruction of Syria  as it began in earnest.
Was saying to hubby- I've never seen the spin so thick and fast....

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-22 - Original post - cached version

If you've been following along with the situation in Afrin, as I have, you could be excused for already believing SAA had deployed to Afrin- It's clear they have not from this report!
Quite frankly I can't say with certainty if anyone at all deployed to Afrin and if some person did deploy,...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-21 - Original post - cached version

Carnegie Europe: Marc Pierini is a visiting scholar at Carnegie Europe, where his research focuses on developments in the Middle East and Turkey from a European perspective.

"Turkey’s foreign policy is dominated by a heated nationalist narrative, which in turn...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-20 - Original post - cached version

A false flag in the most basic sense.... Flying the flag of another with the intent to deceive while carrying out, or perpetrating, some type of criminal/evil action

A political or military act orchestrated in such a way that it appears to have been carried...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-19 - Original post - cached version

The convoluted saga of Damascus aiding the YPG/PKK in Afrin continues to be presented as fact.
Is it? I'm less then certain at this time.

If Damascus was to aid the YPG/PKK what did they get in exchange? It's sensible that if an agreement was made Damascus would have had to gain...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-18 - Original post - cached version

Tillerson went to Turkey.  He said he'd work on the Manbij situation... "work on it"
Yah, yah! There will be a 'working group" which will begin working no later then mid march- That's a whole month away............ 

Sweet Nothing's ..... affectionate but...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-17 - Original post - cached version

I don't believe this claim at all.

That said, it was was almost predictable that the PKK/YPG would make this claim

After Tillerson's visit- where nothing was resolved between NATO allies this was predictable!
Looked as if Turkey was making advances in cleaning house of...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-16 - Original post - cached version

As the US makes permanent it's occupation:
Inside Syria Media Centre:

Inside Syria Media Center has obtained information on the location of U.S. military bases which are illegally located in Syria.

1- Muhammed Faris military base is located in Syria’s...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-16 - Original post - cached version

The Guardian had an interesting oped- I can take a pass on most of it.

Here's the basic concept: Julian Baggini is a British philosopher

"Questioning the hidden power of elites – whether big pharma or secret societies – is really quite sane"

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-15 - Original post - cached version

You know the witch trials in JeruSALEM, Massachusetts? It seems they have a connection to Harvard and the Royal Society. Curious?

 Salem, Massachusetts in "New Israel" has the same last five letters as Jerusalem, The claimed capital of  "old" Israel.
Massachusetts- The Puritan...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-15 - Original post - cached version

Word is this person, who could only be an Israel firster, is set to be appointed as the US special representative to Syria. Why do I think John Hannah is an Israel firster ?

* Because the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies is a hawkish Israeli first think tank. 
* Trump is an...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-14 - Original post - cached version

It's much more then creepy- It's complete and total surveillance

Surveillance defined :

1- a watch kept over a person, group, etc., especially over a suspect, prisoner, or the like

2- continuous observation of a place, person, group, or ongoing activity in order to gather...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-13 - Original post - cached version

It seems odd that the US wants Turkey to restrain their ops, when the US is not restraining their ops?  When the US is occupying and allying with terrorists right on Turkey’s border which is not located anywhere near the US border? Why should Turkey 'restrain' their operation? It’s obviously a...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-12 - Original post - cached version

No better then the Useless Nations.
But hey giv'em your money cause they're helping.... (themselves to exploit those already heavily down & out)

Oxfam Prostitution Scandal

The Times of London report, published Thursday, accused Oxfam’s then-...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-12 - Original post - cached version

NOAA has recorded Great Lake Ice Coverage was measured at  64.3 % as of 2/10/2018

Keep in mind the map below will update itself, but, this is the official measurement for 2/10/2018. 

UPDATED: The measurements are updated- As of 2/11/2018 Ice Coverage is at 69.1 Percent


Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-11 - Original post - cached version

UN Rights Chief Urges “International Action” As Violence Soars in Syria

 Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein called Saturday for urgent international action after a week of soaring violence and bloodshed.

Now you’d think he suggest the US stop occupying Syria...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-10 - Original post - cached version

There will be updates!

A picture taken in northern Israel shows the remains of an Israel F-16 that crashed after coming under fire by Syria

 Russia called on Saturday all sides to avoid escalation after Israel launched heavy air strikes on Syria...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-10 - Original post - cached version

Well he didn’t actually use my terminology. But he may as well have! :))

Thank You Vassily Nebenzia for pointing out the obvious- publicly.

I've challenged the "official narrative" regarding the near mythical heroic fighters and their  real life collusion with ISIS since 2014!...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-08 - Original post - cached version

Yes, the US attack on Syrian forces and their allies was message delivered by means of a massacre!  As I'd noted in yesterday's post the US was employing language that can only be described as F. U. messages. 

 From yesterday's post relinked below; It's pretty...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-08 - Original post - cached version

 The US got ahead of the propaganda game immediately calling their attack a response/defense to a so called "unprovoked attack" It's not an "unprovoked attack" when the US and it's kurdish thug allies have ANNEXED and are OCCUPYING the territory of a nation they are NOT WELCOME in. 

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-08 - Original post - cached version

It's pretty obvious that tensions are escalating in Northern Syria.  The US has sent an undeniable F U message to Turkey.  I personally can't interpret this latest report any other way.

*NYT's with direct attribution to names Special Forces personnel.

American Special Forces...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-07 - Original post - cached version

hat tipping  opit ! Thank YOU!!

opitFebruary 5, 2018 at 11:44 PM Noted when I posted the notice of your article "The U.S. was' extremely concerned' about the supposed use of chlorine gas in Iraq too, so much so that it blocked supplies needed for water treatment...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-06 - Original post - cached version

 What's in a name? William Shakespeare understood there was a whole lot to a name. 
 Perception managers, marketers and war makers understand there is a whole lot riding on just the right name.  
 Two identical cars, one named "Dart". The other  named "Drat". Which would you purchase?...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-06 - Original post - cached version

Times of Israel

Keep in mind that there is NO confirmation of Egyptian approval.  Nor is their confirmation from Israel. It does appear the Americans and British persons who provided this information are aware of Israeli involvement in Egypt. Be sure to read the original article at NYT's...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-03 - Original post - cached version
Following up on the earlier news regarding the shootdown of a Russian piloted Su-25. Russia Confirms Su-25 Downed in Syria- Repercussions? That was fast.

 Interesting that we now have two terror groups taking credit for shooting down the plane. Though original video/claim of shoot down was made...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-03 - Original post - cached version


 A Su-25 fighter jet of the Russian Aerospace Force was shot down by militants in Syria on Saturday, the pilot ejected but was killed later by terrorists, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

"On 3 February 2018,...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-02 - Original post - cached version

I'm obviously ignoring the CBC's misleading headline

"The effectiveness of this season's flu shot has been extremely low, with the vaccine preventing only 10 to 20 per cent of infections caused by the dominant H3N2 strain affecting Canadians, researchers have...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-02 - Original post - cached version

"extremely concerned"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States is “extremely concerned” about reports that Syrian forces recently used chlorine gas as a weapon in attacks in the eastern Ghouta area of Syria, State Department spokeswoman...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-01 - Original post - cached version
Following up on : Realpolitik at Sochi

 *Talks in Sochi successful: Syrian delegate

The congress in Sochi was successful from all points of view. This conference brought about the dialogue that we needed so much,' Safwan al-Qudsi told reporters on Wednesday. '...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-02-01 - Original post - cached version

I'd saved this big expose from "The Intercept" last week. 

Flush with Omidyar's Ebay money one would think this alternative media shored up by so called "adversarial journalists" would have been able to get a jump on my one person penny ante blog. But, no.

Much of the same...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-31 - Original post - cached version

  It's interesting to observe this sort of bias against the nation state of Turkey. Largely due to some negative idea of Erdogan.  I scratch my head at it. It's another nation state in among a whole pile of nation states. It's leader is no more wily then any other leader. I don't get the whole...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-29 - Original post - cached version

Oped Via Al Jazeera

Image from Al Jazeera

The narrative below, excerpted from the oped, works for me. It jibes with much of what I've posted here this past YEAR.

"On January 20, Turkey launched an air and ground offensive, which it called "Olive...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-29 - Original post - cached version

I'm posting this article to point out the spin that is placed at the end of the piece.



A female fighter within the Kurdish People’s Protection Units paramilitary group has blown herself up amid an ongoing offensive by Turkey-led forces...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-29 - Original post - cached version

Another 50 Canadian soldiers arrive in Ukraine to train military of Ukrainian Armed Forces

For the "unifier" training mission

"As part of the UNIFIER training mission, 50 Canadian soldiers arrived in Ukraine, the press service of the General Staff of the...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-27 - Original post - cached version

 Frankly, I'm still a bit flummoxed at the suggestions that the move into Afrin was an entirely unexpected move.

Turkish FM Cavusoglu says......

....Afrin to Be Handed Over to It’s Real Owners

Turkish foreign minister on Friday said the Afrin...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-25 - Original post - cached version

From the Atlantic

How the Past......

In the 19th century, Britain, France, and Russia occupied or fostered the independence of Greece, Serbia, Romania, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Tunisia, and Egypt—each one part of the Ottoman Empire. In 1920, the victors of...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-25 - Original post - cached version

Canada’s harsh  winter weather is just too much for this ship. 
“Global Warming”?  As previously stated Mother Nature didn’t get the memo.
Admittedly this news made me laugh. And then laugh some more

US Warship Trapped in Montreal

USS Little Rock...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-24 - Original post - cached version

Noah Feldman is quite the spin doctor!

“The U.S. needs to start imagining NATO without Turkey. The latest reason is Turkey’s assault against the Syrian Kurds. The same Kurds who, with U.S. training and support, have borne the brunt of the fighting...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-23 - Original post - cached version

Below are the article's I've read today:

 Daily Mail- This has a whole lot to do with the potential to shatter the NATO alliance.

As mentioned yesterday France was going to take this issue to the UN.

The UN Security Council discussed...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-22 - Original post - cached version

It is France that called for an ‘urgent’ UN meeting- Earlier there were claims that Russia was going to do that. Claims, quite frankly I did not believe.  Since I hold  the opinion Russia  green lighted this operation. As did Iran. As did Syria. It seems self evident despite all the cheap talk...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-21 - Original post - cached version

Of course the US backed Kurds in Afrin rejected the Russian offer!
Since they and their backers have other objectives.

First an observation:

When news of Operation Olive Branch first broke the news coverage on main stream and many alternatives sites was absent! Today, I...

Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-20 - Original post - cached version

Interesting name Turkey has chosen. Should we interpret that as an olive branch to Syria?
It surely would have been carefully selected as to deliver the right tone or message

a branch of an olive tree used to symbolize peace. any offering of...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-19 - Original post - cached version

Following up on:

Russian Forces Exit As Turkey Begins Afrin Operation?

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov speaks during a news conference at the United Nations in New York, U.S., January 19/2018

 The US is...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-19 - Original post - cached version

 If early reports are accurate, clearly Russia is on board with this. I would assume Syria is also accepting of this move despite whatever words are uttered in opposition. Talk is cheap.

 Daily Sabah

The Russian military started to withdraw its forces...
Penny for your thoughts - 2018-01-18 - Original post - cached version

Along with recognition of ill gotten Syrian territory as a separate entity.

Russia, Turkey & Syria Condemn US Creation Of Kurdish “Border Force” US Plans to Recognize Annexed Syrian Territory as Kurdish Defense Secretary Jim Mattis Sees U.S Civilian Presence Increasing in Syria...


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