Libya is Being Destroyed because it's being used as the Battleground for Radical Islamic Mafia

Garyan Libya today, September 15, 2014. Unknown bombers have hit the Misurata Terrorist Militia (aka Libyan Dawn, aka shield militia, aka Misurata 4th militia, etc.) camp in Garyan, Libya. Certain media in Libya, that is siding with the terrorists, has been reporting lies about the bombing. They claim that these bombers attacked civilians in Garyan, this is a complete fabrication, there were no civilians attacked only the terrorist militia camps. They conveniently leave that out. They are now trying to cry to the world about their fate, which of course was brought upon them by themselves. These groups have been slaughtering innocents civilians for the past 3 years ever since NATO handed them power in Libya by force. There was no crying for the innocent people killed in many cities all over Libya by these criminals. Benghazi, Bani Walid, Tripoli, Zawia, the Tawerga (tribe) and many more people and places have been bombed, homes destroyed, women raped, people slaughtered, sarin gas used, all assets stolen and there was no cry from these criminals about the innocent lives that they have destroyed. What they obviously do not understand is that there are consequences for their criminal actions and pay back will be hell for them.

During the past month unknown bombers have been hitting the radical Islamic militias, their camps, headquarters and weapons depots. There have been claims that the UAE via Egyptian airports are the ones hitting these groups of radicals that are terrorizing Libya. What we know for sure is that the UAE has arrested a number of Libyans (living in the UAE) supporting these terrorist groups in Libya with stolen money from the Libyan government. We also know that the countries surrounding Libya have stepped up and are joining hands and forces to help the legitimate Libyan government in Tobruk and the Libyan Military Tribal Council to cleanse their country of this plague. The Arab League, many countries in the Middle East, Europe, Russian, China and others have come forward to support the Libyan Tribes council and the legally elected government now sitting in Tobruk, Libya. These countries have recognized that what is happening in Libya will soon affect their own security and it must be stopped and finished where it sits.

Today in Libya it must be emphasized that there is only ONE legitimate government. That is the duly elected government sitting in Tobruk. In Tripoli there is an illegitimate government calling themselves the GNC (general national congress). This body is made up of Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Misurata terrorists and other criminal groups. They have no authority in Libya, they were originally the puppet government set up by NATO and the US but they were formally dissovled in February of this year and stayed on temporarily waiting for the June election in Libya. Even with their mafia tactics keeping most Libyans from voting, the Muslim Brotherhood lost the election by huge margins. This being so, they attempted to keep the results from going public by threatening death to anyone who released the formal election results. Eventually the results leaked out and in the wave of much bloodshed, the new legal government was set up in Tobruk. They are supposed to be in Tripoli but the mafia tactics used by the Muslim Brotherhood, and all other terrorist militias working with them, makes the security situation impossible. So they meet in the eastern city of Tobruk. The "representative government" in Tobruk has been formally recognized by the entire world, including the US. This government has declared the Misurata radical mafia militias, as illegal in Libya and asks no Libyans to support them in their criminal activities.

The countries that are sending weapons and supplies to these criminals are the Sudan, Qatar and Turkey all of them being supported by none other than the USA. The Libyan government in Tobruk has closed all ties with the Sudan and Qatar until they cease supplying weapons to the criminal mafia groups. You ask, why would the USA support terrorism in Libya? Good question. The only answer I can come up with is that it creates complete instability in all of North Africa and does not allow the Africans to take control of their continent which is something that the Zionist bankers never want to happen. The other puzzle is that the US is also supporting the other side (those fighting against the terrorist mafia militias) by supporting Khalifa Haftar the so called "rogue" general fighting Ansar Al Sharia terrorists militias in Benghazi. Haftar is CIA, has been for about 30 years. Anyone who tries to tell you different is either naive or is trying to protect Haftar's cover. Haftar was dropped into Benghazi by the CIA in 2011 to lead the NATO mercenary rebels against the legitimate government of Libya. He has the support of some of the Libyan army but he not trusted by any Libyan and certainly not the Libyan tribes. They leave him alone as he is killing a common enemy but they will always consider him a traitor because that is what he is.

The country of Libya, made up of a culture over 8000 years old, lived under the rule of foreign countries for almost its entire existence. After the al Fateh revolution in 1969, which was a completely bloodless revolution, the Libyan people became self ruling for the first time in their history. I do not count the old King (who was put in place by the UK) because he was controlled by the UK, US and other foreign countries. The Libyan people grew their country from the poorest most underdeveloped in Africa to the most developed in Africa in 40 + years under the leadership of Moammer Ghadafi. The Libyan people had free health care, free eduction, a 5000 dinar gift at the birth of every child, a 45,000 dinar wedding gift, a new condominium for 10% of the salary for 10 years and they it was theirs, gas was 44 cents a gallon and women were emancipated in the 1970's by Ghadafi, who by the way, HATED radical Islamists and banned them from Libya. 96% of all Libyans are against radical Islamists. This is a fact little known in the world today.

That being said; there is a war being fought on Libyan soil. This war is not about the Libyan people, it is a war of philosophies and power of people who are not Libyan. This war was brought to the Libyan people by Obama, Clinton, NATO, UK, France and others. It has brought death and destruction to a sovereign nation of peace loving people. Almost 600,000 Libyans have died so that this war can take place on their homeland.

It is past time for the world to step up and help the Libyans clean their home of this war that has taken so much from them and is NOT their war. I understand why the bombers would remain anonymous, the US thinks they own the world and every country must accept the US instructions about how they will secure their own country. The world is sick and tired of radical Islamic mafia's and false flag operations by the world intelligence communities and will not stand for it any longer.

The great tribes of Libya with their military council and the Libyan army are fighting a battle that was forced upon them by a corrupt "new world order". Libyans are a proud race, they will die before they give their country over to psychopaths. The world can learn from their honor, valor and perseverance.

Libyan War Truth

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