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Human Rights Investigation - 2018-04-09 - Original post - cached version

According to Syrian rebel sources, amplified by the usual suspects in the propaganda campaign against Syria, the Syrian Army launched a chemical assault on the Douma pocket in Eastern Ghouta on Saturday. However, it was widely predicted that Jaish al Islam, cornered and facing imminent defeat,...

Human Rights Investigation - 2018-03-31 - Original post - cached version

The Skripal Affair and apparent poisoning of Julia and Sergei Skripal have thrown up a lot of theories and the evidence appears confusing and contradictory. The purpose of this article is to outline a possible alternative scenario which accounts for much of the evidence presented in the media...

Human Rights Investigation - 2017-11-19 - Original post - cached version

The UN OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) report regarding Khan Sheikhoun has sharply divided opinion, largely because the US and some of its closest allies choose to maintain its central finding of “confidence” the Syrian Arab Republic was guilty is a finding of indisputable fact, whilst...

Human Rights Investigation - 2017-09-10 - Original post - cached version

Paul McKeigue now applies the method described in Part 1 of his guest blog to the events in Ghouta (2013) and Khan Sheikhoun (2017). Based on extensive research, a false flag hypothesis for each event is spelled out in some detail. Photographic evidence referred to is not included in this blog...

Human Rights Investigation - 2017-09-10 - Original post - cached version

The first of two articles explaining how assess different theories and applying these principles to the Ghouta and Khan Sheikhoun cases. These articles were written by Professor Paul McKeigue and have been reproduced with permission of Professor Tim Hayward who first published them on his blog....

Human Rights Investigation - 2017-05-03 - Original post - cached version

On April 19, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), confirmed that “the analysis indicate that the victims were exposed to Sarin or a Sarin-like substance” during the events occurred in Idlib, Syria, last April 4th (see full text of the press release issued a the end of...

Human Rights Investigation - 2017-04-16 - Original post - cached version

On April 12, Security Council met again to discuss the issue of chemical substances that caused the death of 87 persons last April 4 in Syria. A first urgent session took place on April 5 on the very same topic (see S/PV.7915). Article by Nicolas Boeglin, Professor of International Law, Law...

Human Rights Investigation - 2017-04-09 - Original post - cached version

The alleged chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhoun led rapidly and directly to the attack by the US on a Syrian airbase, shared with the Russians, so it is important to look at the evidence in order to discover the truth of what happened. The accusation is that a Syrian air force plane...

Human Rights Investigation - 2016-07-26 - Original post - cached version

by Nicolas Boeglin Professor of International Law, Law Faculty, Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR) A collective open letter signed by a great number of professors of international law and researchers entitled « A plea against the abusive invocation of self-defence as a response to terrorism » has...

Human Rights Investigation - 2015-12-30 - Original post - cached version

A short tribute to Lemmy Kilmister (1945–2015) RIP In the words of Brian May, Lemmy was “a pacifist, a deep thinker, and a man who cared profoundly about his friends.” This song was inspired by the Battle of Somme (1 July – 18 November 1916) during World War 1 in which over a million men […]

Human Rights Investigation - 2015-12-17 - Original post - cached version

A comparison of the just-published Human Rights Watch Report on the cache of “Caesar” photos with the report prepared in January 2014 on behalf of Carter-Ruck indicates some remarkable discrepancies and raise some serious questions about the whole process of analysis of this cache of photographs...

Human Rights Investigation - 2015-12-04 - Original post - cached version

Guest post by Nicolas Boeglin,  Professor of International Law, Law Faculty, University of Costa Rica (UCR) A few days ago, Prime Minister David Cameron appealed to Parliament Members to vote in favour of Royal Air Forces (RAF) air strikes against Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria, in order to “keep...

Human Rights Investigation - 2015-12-03 - Original post - cached version

Despite being illegal according to legal scholars,air strikes have begun against targets in Syria, with the support of Labour MPs acting against a resolution of their own party conference. On this page we’ll keep a log of the unlawful RAF airstrikes on Syria. Page updated: 19/04/2016 Includes...

Human Rights Investigation - 2015-12-01 - Original post - cached version

Not actually that easy to find, below is the full text of the Labour Party Conference 2015 resolution regarding the extension of bombing from Iraq to Syria. The Conference is formally the supreme policy making body for Labour, although obviously some Labour MPs intend to ignore its decision in...

Human Rights Investigation - 2015-11-29 - Original post - cached version

British Prime Minister David Cameron is attempting to persuade the UK parliament to support an extension of UK air strikes, ostensibly aimed at “degrading” ISIS, from Iraq to Syria. However, his argument that the action would have a clear legal basis is, despite the progressive undermining of...

Human Rights Investigation - 2015-10-13 - Original post - cached version

The report of the Dutch Safety Board (DSB) was released today. Here is a video presentation from the DSB explaining the main findings: The findings are as expected by most serious investigators, with various scenarios as to who and why the BUK missile was fired still in play. As pointed out on...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-10-02 - Original post - cached version

Gary Webb (1955-2004), the investigative journalist who reported cocaine trafficking by the CIA in 1996, is portrayed in the motion picture, Kill the Messenger, by Jeremy Renner which is released this month. Gary Webb was a founding professor of the School of Authentic Journalism and an editor...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-09-13 - Original post - cached version

Amnesty have published a few satellite images apparently showing armoured vehicles and artillery in an area in Eastern Ukraine and claim these prove the involvement of Russian troops in the country. However, the research Amnesty has published falls far short of proof, and in a matter of such...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-09-09 - Original post - cached version

The Dutch Safety Board, which is the lead organisation in the investigation of the MH17 downing of 17th July, issued a preliminary report today. In this post we will discuss the report and reaction to it The report is available here. As the authors said, the “preliminary report will present...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-09-09 - Original post - cached version

The Dutch Safety Board, which is the lead organisation in the investigation of the MH17 downing of 17th July, will be issuing a preliminary report tomorrow, which should shed light on the downing of the MH17 and will hopefully clear up some unexplained matters, although it is also bound to...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-09-04 - Original post - cached version

A video showing a column of armed vehicles and a particular T-72 tank has been used by Western media to support the Ukrainian nationalist narrative that the conflict in Eastern Ukraine is primarily between Russia and Ukraine, rather than a domestic conflict. Analysis of the evidence suggests the...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-08-14 - Original post - cached version

The actual number of casualties in the armed conflict in east Ukraine is unclear, but thanks to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) we now have a minimum figure. HRI contacted the OHCHR following a Reuters report published yesterday (13/08/2014). Cécile Pouilly, a...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-08-10 - Original post - cached version

The most comprehensive map of the MH17 debris field to date was published by the Dutch on 9 August. According to the map‘s key: The total shaded area is that searched by the Ukrainians, according to their own statements. The yellow circles are impacts on the ground The green areas are those...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-08-08 - Original post - cached version

In this post I will try to summarise the main facts about the MH17 investigation to date, for the benefit of people who don’t want to wade through pages of evidence, much of which is incomplete and complicated. 1. The evidence suggests MH17 was downed by a BUK surface to air missile. 2. The...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-08-07 - Original post - cached version

As the regime in Kiev sends tanks and militia in to clear the remnants of the Maidan; as the Maidan pleads that their government is trying to destroy them and as the head of NATO goes to Kiev to offer support to a regime which is shelling the cities of Lugansk and Donetsk with Grad […]

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-08-07 - Original post - cached version

A new possible sighting of the trailer which was carrying a BUK from Donetsk to Snizhne on the day of the MH17 downing turns up on Twitter. This was posted to twitter on 6/08/2014 (since deleted): Макеевка, 5 утра. В сторону Донецка "проезжали" 4 БМП, кран и машина с бетонными плитами. Новый...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-08-06 - Original post - cached version

This post is about the Associated Press “witness statements” around the day of the downing of the MH17. It forms a small part of the larger investigation into the downing of MH17 which is being covered in other posts. This may be of some interest to people examining the actual evidence for what...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-08-05 - Original post - cached version

It is time to have a closer look at the BUK video provided by Ukrainian Interior Minister, Arsen Avakov which he released on 18th July, the day after the downing of MH17 in order to implicate Russia and pro-Russian rebels. The importance of this particular piece of evidence can not be...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-07-28 - Original post - cached version

As reported here yesterday, Paris Match claim to have taken a photograph of the BUK system, widely believed to have shot down MH17: @olposoch @ParisMatch @EmLemoine Bonjour, la photographie du camion prise par @ParisMatch est à l'entrée de Snijne, 6h avant le crash — AlfredDeMontesquiou (@...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-07-26 - Original post - cached version

This photo from AFP sums up what is happening in Gaza and the lawless and murderous nature of the latest Israeli assault on Gaza. Single Israeli strike before truce kills 20 (medics). Gaza City early on July 26, 2014. Photo : Gil Cohen Magen #AFP — AFP Photo Department...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-07-26 - Original post - cached version

In this post I will try to bring together a few items from investigating the tragedy of MH17 and some of the background to the conflict as various parties, including the Ukrainian authorities, put more of their case forward. The war in East Ukraine In describing the area of Eastern Ukraine from...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-07-24 - Original post - cached version

Ukraine suspended all military flights from 14/07/2014 following the downing of a military transport plane at 6,000 meters. Unfortunately this did not lead to a similar closing of airspace to civilian air traffic. According to an official release on 15/07/2014: Due to the ongoing investigation...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-07-22 - Original post - cached version

One of the pillars of the Ukrainian government evidence regarding MH17 has been a video, supposedly taken on the border with Russia in Krasnodon. Like the previous information provided about the Buk 512, the information appears to be incorrect. The Ukrainian government has resisted providing...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-07-22 - Original post - cached version

More information has emerged, proving that elements of the evidence produced by Ukraine on the events around the downing of the MH17 flight are clear misinformation. The Security Services of Ukraine (SBU) version of events can be seen on this link. Various pictures and a video provided by the...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-07-21 - Original post - cached version

In the days since the downing of MH17 a lot of people have jumped to conclusions prematurely. Evidence provided by the Ukrainian Security Service, combined with the results of social media investigations, suggests the Ukrainian authorities have been less than honest in key disclosures of...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-07-13 - Original post - cached version

In a May 12 letter published on AlterNet (and on the HRI site), two Nobel Peace Prize Laureates and over 100 scholars, journalists and human rights activists called on Human Rights Watch to close its revolving door to the U.S. government.   On June 3, HRW published a response from executive...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-06-05 - Original post - cached version

The air strike on the regional civil administration building in Lugansk by the armed forces of Kiev on June 2nd is a terrible tragedy for the civilians killed. Whilst the action has been described by the Ukrainian government as part of an “anti-terrorist operation,” it clearly violates the basic...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-05-17 - Original post - cached version

The issue of Human Rights Watch (HRW) and their close links to the US government has been highlighted by a recent letter sent to Ken Roth on behalf of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Adolfo Pérez Esquivel and Mairead Maguire; former UN Assistant Secretary General Hans von Sponeck; current UN Special...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-05-12 - Original post - cached version

The latest survey in Ukraine by the Pew Research Center, reveals 91% of Crimeans believe the recent referendum was free and fair and only 4% believe Ukraine is correct in not recognising the referendum results. The poll numbers underline that the official results of the Crimea referendum are a...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-05-10 - Original post - cached version

So-called “anti-terror operations” in Mariupol today have seen a number of deaths as Ukrainian military and “National Guard” (an outfit including many virtually untrained neo-fascists) face off against crowds of unarmed protestors. The BBC covered this situation and, whilst admitting the...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-05-06 - Original post - cached version

The idea that only 15% of Crimeans voted to join Russia is speeding around the internet after an article was published in Forbes magazine written by Professor Paul Roderick Gregory. According to Professor Gregory “The website of the “President of Russia’s Council on Civil Society and Human...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-04-22 - Original post - cached version

Evidence shows that photographic evidence is being misused to “prove” the presence of Russian special forces in Eastern Ukraine. It is clear that corporate media are complicit, either through stupidity or design, in this attempt to mould perceptions of the situation in post-coup Ukraine. The...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-04-06 - Original post - cached version

An article by Seymour Hersh in the London Review of Books provides some very interesting information pointing to Turkey as having been the prime mover behind the chemical weapons attack in Ghouta. The article comes as the case that the Syrian government committed the atrocity is looking...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-03-05 - Original post - cached version

As the EU announces that it will be making $15 billion in grants and loans available to the new Ukrainian government, a phone call between the Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and EU Chief Catherine Ashton has emerged in which Peat reveals that those behind the killings of police and...

Human Rights Investigation - 2014-01-29 - Original post - cached version

Edward Snowden, speaking from hiding in Russia to German TV station ARD, discusses the threats against him by anonymous US officials and the wider responses to his revelations of major violations of human rights by the NSA and the national security state. Snowden reveals seeing Director of...

Human Rights Investigation - 2013-12-20 - Original post - cached version

Human Rights Investigations has just launched its first ever fundraising campaign – using the crowd-funding site Indiegogo. In recent times we’ve had the misfortune to see mainstream human rights organisations using their resources in support of military interventions. If you find that annoying...

Human Rights Investigation - 2013-12-14 - Original post - cached version

A few comments on the final UN report on alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria are in order. The report provides evidence which suggests use of chemical weapons against the Syrian army, including on a fairly large-scale in Khan al-Assal and including with the use of Sarin. This has major...

Human Rights Investigation - 2013-12-12 - Original post - cached version

Åke Sellström’s final report on the alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria was handed over to the UN Secretary-General today (12th December) at 4.40pm EST. Human Rights Investigations was pleasantly surprised to receive an email from Professor Sellström, thanking us for information we...

Human Rights Investigation - 2013-11-30 - Original post - cached version

Key evidence about the range of the rockets allegedly used by the Syrian regime in the chemical attacks on 21st August in East Ghouta, which was first published by Human Rights Investigations (HRI) yesterday, indicates that widespread statements made by Human Rights Watch (HRW), government...


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